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Phottix Strato Flash Trigger – Now Even Better!

Phottix Strato II Multi

Phottix Strato II Multi

If you follow my product reviews at my photography training website, you probably know that the Phottix Strato has long been my favorite radio trigger for off-camera flash photography.

(If you want to learn why, you can watch my video review of the Strato.)

Well, the geniuses at Phottix have just improved on perfection by creating the new STRATO II MULTI flash trigger.

The Strato II Multi has everything found in the Strato, plus these additional features:

– 4 Groups (A,B,C,D) for more easily setting up different lighting zones
– Increased range (from 100 meters to 150 meters)
– Power switch on transmitter
– Locking ring on receivers
– Test buttons on all units
– Backward compatibility with earlier Strato receivers

New A,B,C,D groups

New A,B,C,D groups

I’ve been testing the new Multi’s and I love them.  The quality of the construction is as solid as ever, and the new group selection buttons on the rear of the transmitter look and feel more like the controls on a high-end Danish stereo system than a Chinese radio trigger.  This is top quality gear.

And the backward-compatibility with older Stratos means that I now have approximately enough triggers to light a small third-world country.

Nice work, Phottix!

You can price or buy the new Strato II Multi at the Phottix site here.

And as always, if you shop from my links, you help support this site and make my free videos possible.

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  1. Blanko says:

    Thank you for sharing your opinion. The Strato II Multi seems to be a very good starting point for beginners.
    But my question is about compatibility. Does it work with Metz 58 AF-2 flash ? (on Nikon D90) There is any specification on Phottix’s website.
    Thanks for you answer. Cheers

  2. admin says:

    Blanko, if I were you, I would contact Phottix directly and ask them about the compatibility. In my experience, they have been very responsive to technical questions.

  3. James says:

    Hi Phil, I was wonder if you can mount an ST-E2 Canon on top of the Strato II Multi sending unit? Or would you suggest getting additional receivers so all flashes are controlled from the Strato II Multi units?



  4. Phil Steele says:

    James, in theory mounting the ST-E2 would work, but in practice I often find that trying to combine manual and TTL triggers together gives weird and unpredictable results. There’s a lot of complicated signaling going on. I haven’t tried the particular setup you are asking about, but my rule of thumb with all combinations like this is that you just have to try it and see if it works

  5. tommy says:

    Hi Phil, does it works on TTL mode?


  6. Phil Steele says:

    Tommy, this trigger is for manual-flash only, but Phottix has created a TTL trigger called the Odin. You can read my blog review of it here:


  7. Rob says:

    Started with the Phottix Strato I and then got a set of the II’s. Now just bought the Odin. Used Pocket Wizards for years and they were great but hated the antenna and how they stuck up on top of the camera. Very annoying. Tried the Flex ETTL Canon version, man did Pocket Wizard mess that up. Totally unrealiable. Sent them all back for a refund. Since I have had the Phottix units, no misfires, excellent construction and they work great for a lot less than the price of the Pocket Wizards. Sold all my PW’s and am so happy I found these. Pocket Wizard needs to take a lesson from these guys! 🙂

  8. Phil Steele says:

    Rob, thanks for the field report. Your experience parallels mine. I have a lot of money invested in PW gear that I no longer use. When I want manual triggers the Strato, or the RF-602, or other inexpensive Chinese triggers do the job at a fraction of the price. And when I want TTL the Phottix Odin is more reliable than PW ever was with my Canon gear. I think PW coasted a little too long on their comfortable industry-leader postion and suddenly got leapfrogged. By the way, nice portraits on your website!

  9. Joe says:

    Hi phil,

    I bought a set of strato 1 a few years ago and now need additional receivers, will strato II receivers respond to strato I triggers?


  10. Phil Steele says:

    Hi Joe,
    Yes, the Strato and Strato II triggers are fully compatible.

  11. Yeoh Guan Min says:

    Hi Phil, can the trigger works vice-versa where can I trigger the flash on camera

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