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Book Review: How to Photograph Nudes Like a Professional by Ashley Karyl

How to Photograph NudesHoly Moly! You’re not going to believe how much information is packed into this gigantic 328-page ebook from photographer Ashley Karyl, a 25-year veteran of the fashion and beauty industry:

How To Photograph Nudes Like a Professional

This guy knows it all, and he reveals it all in this book that goes WAY beyond nudes to cover almost everything involved in a photography career.

If you have ever dreamed of working in any way with models, fashion, beauty, or glamour photography, you’re going to want to download this book right now.

Karyl spills the secrets of his 25-year career, telling you everything including: how to find models, choose the right gear, light your shots,  retouch in Photoshop, handle the business side, and much more.

He even describes his own struggle and rise to success, a story I found both fascinating and inspiring. (I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I spent a whole day reading this book because I was so intrigued.)

Here’s a small sampling of chapter headings to give you an idea of what’s contained:

How I Got Started
Black and White or Color
The Right Model
Finding Models
Working with the Model
Shape and Form
Lighting Options
Think Like a Pro
Props and Locations
Hair and Makeup
Cameras and Lenses
Release forms and Legal Issues
Retouching Your Images

Some General Thoughts on Photography

And of course Karyl includes dozens of case study images from his own portfolio to illustrate the principles throughout.

One bit that I found eye-opening was his breakdown of the difference between Beauty Models, Fine Art Nude Models, and Glamour Models (did you even know there was a difference?) and his advice on how to locate and work with each.

The chapter on retouching alone is with the price of the book, in my opinion, offering concise, straight-to-the point guidance (illustrated with Photoshop screenshots) for the practical problems encountered every day by a portrait or glamour photographer.  

And Karyl’s thoughts on legal issues, working with assistants, hair and makeup, and simply working with models, all reflect the kind of wisdom that can only be gained over the course of a career.

I consider this book a steal at $29, and you get the instant gratification of an immediate download.

You can download it here

Plus, if you buy it from my links on this page, a portion of the sales goes toward helping me produce more free tutorials for you.  Double win!

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