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September, 2014:

Photo Comparison: Fuji vs Olympus

Photo comparison Fuji X100S to Olympus OMD EM5

Click to enlarge

In my previous post, I compared my experience shooting with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 camera to my previous mirrorless camera, the Fuji X100S.

Several readers expressed an interest in seeing some side-by-side photos to compare image quality.

Fuji-Olympus 100 Percent Comparison

Click to enlarge to 100% Crop – This clearly shows the sharpness advantage of the Fuji

So I took a stroll around my neighborhood and took identical shots of various objects with the two cameras for comparison.  I set both cameras to full auto, which is not the way I normally shoot, but I wanted to test “intelligence” of the camera in choosing what it thought were the best settings for each shot. (more…)

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