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How to Set Your White Balance with a Gray Card [video]

Amazon: My Inexpensive “DGK” White Balance Card
Note: After my review caused them to sell out, they doubled the price.  Still cheap though.

Amazon: A More Expensive “High End” White Balance Card

Lightroom Made Easy

Secrets of Successful Event Photography

If you have trouble watching the Video here you can watch on YouTube at this link:
How to Set Your Camera White Balance Using a Gray Card

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  1. Ronald R. Smith says:

    Thanks Phil, a very informative video and very well done as are all of your video courses. Something very worth wild and for free too! That doesn’t happen very often these days. I’ve looked at other videos on other sights and the computer screen was so small in the video and it was so fast that even after watching it a second time you still weren’t sure of what was done. I’m very satisfied with the videos that I have purchased from you! Thanks again.

  2. Phil Steele says:

    Ronald, thanks for the kind words! Comments like that keep me inspired to do more.

  3. Excellent video. And incredibly helpful ideas. This is one of those seemingly pro-level techniques the average photographer would never really try, simply because it seems intimidating. But the way you lay it out, it’s actually very simple and easy. No reason in the world not to be doing this with every important photo session. (Loved how you showed side by side shots demonstrating the difference of having the correct WB. And the post-processing version in Lightroom is simple when you see it done, but definitely awesome. The mystery of the “Sync” button solved at last!)

  4. I have twice and still un-sure of Why a “Grey” card. There are as many if not More variations of grey as there are white. I know there must be something I am missing here.

  5. Dar Bowes says:

    Phil, great tutorial! I always appreciate the “freebies” you throw in, every little bit helps. I have both your LR and Events courses…they have been a tremendous help and inspiration! Just one question on the WB: do you need to be shooting in RAW in order for this to work correctly? As of lately, that’s the only way I shoot, but sometimes if I know I ‘ll only be posting to the web I just shoot in jpg- but still may need to color correct. How does that affect adjusting the WB in post-processing? Many thanks to you!

  6. Phil Steele says:

    Hi Dar, good question, this work fine for JPG or RAW. Of course, with RAW you have more options in post-production for automatic white balance corrections, but this is completely separate from that. I do this kind of WB correction when shooting JPG just as often as with RAW.

  7. Robert W. says:

    Thanks for another great video, Phil!

    Funny how I’ve known for a while that I should get a WB card, but it took one of your videos to motivate me to do so. It looks like your views have snapped up all the ones you linked to, though. I wanted to buy you that beer!

    By the way, how about a video on ND filters?

  8. Hamish says:

    Hi Phil another great wee video thanks. Thought it might amuse you to know that the self same WB cards this side of the big paddling pool are on for £80 + £12.99 postage – nearly 20x the US price !

  9. RichardV says:

    You just literally turned on a big giant light bulb for me on this white balance thing, Phil. With film, I would make a rather simple switch from say Provia to Velvia if I wanted more pop to my colors. White balance has hitherto been the proverbial thorn in my side. What a quantum leap of personal victory for me. WOW!! Thanks ever so much.

  10. Phil Steele says:

    Thanks Richard! Glad to help.

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