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January, 2011:

Product Review: Gorillapod Takes Manhattan

My Gorillapod with SLIK Tripod Head

Gorillapod with SLIK Tripod Head

As an early Christmas present for myself last year, I bought a Gorillapod Flexible Tripod before traveling to Manhattan.  I knew I didn’t want to carry a full-size tripod on the crowded subway, where I might accidentally probe someone and get into trouble.  The Gorillapod, which fits in my camera bag (or even a big coat pocket if I don’t mind it hanging out a bit like a high-tech squid) seemed like a great, portable solution.

To mount my Canon 40D on it with some flexibility, I bought a SLIK SBH-120 Tripod Head, a basic but solidly-constructed ball head model. (more…)

Helping Your Photos Go Viral

Persian Power Trip

Persian Power Trip - Click to enlarge

I’ve had over 1 million page views this month on my Burning Man Festival photo gallery, largely thanks to viral interest in a single photo (shown at left).  Don’t get me wrong, this is a popular site, and I typically get hundreds of visitors per day.  But occasionally a photo will take off like a rocket in popularity and I’ll be deluged with traffic.  As I write this I’m getting 8,000 visitors per day, largely because of one photo.  This has happened before, to a lesser extent, with other photos, but this one seems to have captured the world’s imagination.

Can you do this, too?  Maybe.  And that’s what I’d like to write about today. (more…)

First Look: Cactus V5 Wireless Flash Trigger

Cactus V5 Wireless Flash Trigger

Cactus V5 Wireless Flash Trigger Set

I recently had the privilege of Beta testing the new Cactus V5 Duo Wireless Flash Trigger during its development phase. Now that the veil of secrecy has been lifted, I’m happy to report that this new trigger is a big leap forward over its predecessor, the V4, and it gives a good run for the money to any other flash triggers on the market.


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