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May, 2012:

A Do-It-Yourself Bubblewrap Lens Filter

Michael Zelbel

Michael Zelbel

Today I’m pleased to present the first guest post ever on this blog, by one of my favorite photography teachers, Michael Zelbel, author of the bestselling ebook The Art of Boudoir Photography with Speedlites. If you’ve ever seen his videos, you know Michael is a colorful character full of passion for his subject. To get the full effect of his personality, you should read the following with an enthusiastic and slightly zany German accent. — Phil

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Hello! For many beauty photographers who are just starting out on this awesome artistic journey, introducing variety to their pictures can be a daunting task. A limited skill set and a shoestring budget can be legitimate obstacles to expanding your creative horizons.

Now, usually I tell you how to shoot some beautiful images using only a few bare necessities: essential lighting gear, a camera, some kind of interior space, and your imagination.

However, there is another great option you should look into—putting together excellent home-made alternatives for costly and fancy equipment!

The Bubblewrap FIlter

The Bubblewrap Filter - Vintage Holga meets modern soft focus?

Today I want to tell you how to manufacture a bubblewrap filter for your lens that would put McGuyver himself to shame! So if you’re interested, read on…


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