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Video: Introduction to Adobe Lightroom Workflow

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Box

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the premiere photo managment software for digital photographers.  It can handle your entire photo workflow from importing images, to organizing, editing, printing, and exporting to websites like Picasa, Flickr, or your own custom-made web galleries.

I just created a free 23-minute video tutorial illustrating the process of working in Lightroom. If you’re considering buying Lightroom, or if you’re a new Lightroom owner looking to get more out of the software, this video is for you.

In this tutorial, I walk you step-by-step through my own Lightroom workflow, narrating as I process a set of photos from camera import through organizing, renaming, editing, and exporting as a fully-functional flash web gallery.

If you’re curious about Lightroom, I invite you to check it out on my photo tutorials page.

See Lightroom at

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  1. Great blog post. A few things i would like to bring up is that pc memory is required to be purchased if the computer can no longer cope with that which you do with it. One can set up two RAM memory boards having 1GB each, for instance, but not one of 1GB and one of 2GB. One should check the manufacturer’s documentation for own PC to make certain what type of storage is needed.

  2. Phil Steele says:

    Duncan, funny you should mention this as I’m just upgrading my RAM to help deal with Lightroom 4, which is a monster. Strangely, on my Mac I can install 2x2GB RAM boards, but for some reason Apple says this will only result in 3GB of RAM actually being used. Go figure. Anyway, it will be better than the 2 GB I have currently.

  3. Randall Plaugher says:

    Currently enjoying your “Lightroom Made Easy” tutorial! I do have a question however. I understand that my original RAW files are not changed, just given “instructions” that appear when I export the file. But, if I jump to PhotoShop during the Develop process, am I now messing with pixels on the original RAW file?



  4. Phil Steele says:

    Randall, no worries, the file that opens is Photoshop is fed to it from your working copy in Lightroom, so it also won’t touch the original (unless of course you choose to open the original).

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