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Photographing Architecture and Real Estate

As I wrote recently, I’m taking a video course by Mike Kelley called Where Art Meets Architecture.

You can see my first attempts at photographing an interior, and how it went right (and wrong) in the video above.

Click here for full details and to buy the course

This is possibly the best photography course I’ve ever seen.

Mike not only shows you exactly how he takes these amazing images, he explains how he runs a profitable architectural photography business.

How to find clients. How to price your photos. How to get started on a low budget.

And you’ll see the Photoshop techniques he uses as well.

It’s basically a complete photography business model that you can take and run with.

But even if, like me, you’re not interested in doing this as a business, you may simply enjoy learning how to photograph buildings and interior spaces that look great.

And the techniques learned here carry over to other areas of photography as well (especially his Photoshop techniques!)

Here’s what a few of my subscribers who bought the course are saying:

“You were RIGHT…it is a very good Tutorial! Mike has
LOTS of really good things to say. Thanks, again for
the great recommendation!”

“I couldn’t agree with you more about the absolutely
fantastic deal the course is.”

“My mind = BLOWN. This is amazing stuff…and the
lessons learned here also apply to tons of my macro
flower and bird photography to make artistic prints.
I love it. Great call.”

I recommend this course highly.

Click here for full details and to buy the course

And what’s also great is that if you buy it from my links, Mike will share part of the proceeds to help me continue making free tutorials for you.

If you’re taking the course, feel free to leave a comment below with links to your photos. I showed you mine, now show me yours.

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  1. Bruce Cattell says:

    I purchased the course the day your email came out and I am learning a lot. This is exactly the niche that I want to fill in our community. Thanks again, and I am anxiously awaiting your Events Photography course when it comes out.
    Take care,

  2. I think your images are WONDERFUL! I love interior decorating, so of course….

  3. Dominique Abautret says:

    Salut Phil, very nice pictures, I’m so fan of architecture pictures, that I would like to take Mike ´s course. But I’m a little bit hesitant because sometimes my English is not so fast to understand for me, so do Mike speak as fast as you speak in the course ?
    Many thanks

  4. Emma says:

    Great video. I really enjoy your tutorials. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.

  5. Sidney Fry says:

    Phil….Thank you so much for showing your attempts and telling us what you did wrong! Great share and lesson! But I did think your photos looked great. I did send for the course (thanks for the discount), but my aspirations don’t reach for the sky. I am a self taught amateur that only just started shooting in manuel and raw. But I love interiors and put together a CD with music for my cousin’s beautiful home down south. Her real estate agent used it to sell their house. They liked it, but it wouldn’t EVEN compare to what I hope to learn from this course. Thanks again. I WON’T MOVE THE CAMERA! (That was a big help!) Also, I just bought a Nikon D7100 and a 10-24 zoom, but I’m worried my equipment won’t cut it (cropped frame). I am just downloading the course so haven’t watched it yet and am dreading finding out.

  6. Mike Coster says:

    Great insight and great tips, Phil. These little setbacks are things that everyone encounters when learning about Real Estate or Architectural photography. The best part is that you’re sharing them, so that your readers don’t have to learn the hard way. To some degree, I think that learning the hard way can make it stick in one’s mind more; however just being mindful of them (from someone else’s experience) saves a lot of headaches too – especially in the beginning. Great job on the lighting, and keep the tips coming.


  7. John Siebel says:

    It is a great program with tons of excellent suggestions! Mike Kelley did a fantastic job producing this very valuable tutorial on this particular subject.

    I am both an archtiect and a photographer so I have a very involved understanding of the subject matter. I actually got to meet the photographic icon, Julius Schulman, while I was working for the archtiectural firm of Dorman/Munselle. Mr. Schulman was an extraordinary gentlemen!

  8. Phil Steele says:

    @John Siebel, I highly recommend the documentary on Julius Schulman called “Visual Acoustics” to anyone interested in photography. Great photographer, great man, fascinating story!

  9. Sidney Fry says:

    Have listened through all Mike’s course. LOVE IT! But though I could follow along somewhat, I need to take your Photoshop Course first (which I have already purchased).

    Question: When I try to open Mike’s Twilight Photoshop Document it says the licensing is expired! I’ve only had the course what, about a week. What do I do about that??? Thanks, Sidney

  10. Phil Steele says:

    Sidney, glad you are enjoying the Kelley course and my Photoshop course. I have no idea what the problem may be with that Photoshop document, you’ll need to contact the Fstoppers guys about that.

  11. salsaguy says:

    Phil..I know you use the Phottix Odin…they have a remote called the Aion which can help prevent bumping/moving the camera. I got one for my macro shots but it will work great for your architecture shots and nighttime intervalometer shots and it’s pretty inexpensive which I know you like:

  12. Sam M says:

    Hi Phil
    I have just recently stumbled upon your courses, and I must say I am very impressed!
    I am currently studying photography, and am particularly interested in architectural photography, however, so far I have learnt nothing on the topic.
    I am thinking about purchasing the ‘Where Art Meets Architecture’ course, and I’ve noticed a few members mention a discount code on offer, is this still available?

  13. Yucel says:

    I like what you were able to accomplish. How did you trigger your flashes?

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