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Landscapes and Lightroom

lightroom landscape 1

Lots of Clarity in Lightroom makes the details pop. Graduated filter recovers washed out areas. Click for Before-After comparison.

First off, an admission: I’ve never been much of a landscape photographer.

It’s never very been high on my photography interest list, because I’m drawn more to people and action—two things that are generally absent from landscapes.

Nevertheless, when I find myself in beautiful surroundings—like the jaw-dropping red-rock country of Sedona, Arizona—I naturally want to pull out the camera and bring home some knock-out photos. (more…)

Sunset Magazine Comes Calling

Sunset, the big travel magazine devoted to the American Southwest, contacted me today asking to buy this photo from the Burning Man festival. It will run in an article called “Amazing West” in their November issue. And they offered me the biggest fee I’ve ever received for a single image. Now that’s a nice way to start the day.
Burning Man Festival photo

Free Hawaii Wallpapers

Hawaii WallpapersWhy not kick off the new blog with something free for the readers?  I just returnd from Oahu, where the winter storms created epic surf (really, that’s the word the local newspaper used—epic) and some great photo opportunities.

So I created a few scenic shots at various wallpaper sizes for you to use on your desktop or screensaver.  Check ’em out here:

Free Hawaii Wallpapers


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