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About Phil Steele

I came to photography rather late in life, mostly because up until my 37th year I considered real photography something art-school-trained "professionals" did, something beyond the reach of us mere mortals.

All that changed in 2003 when I attended the Burning Man festival with my little 2-megapixel pocket camera and got a lucky shot that ended up in an art gallery.

Pictures of Phil at workPictures of Phil at work Out of that inspiring moment— and a rediscovery of a long-suppressed love of the visual arts, which I had set aside in favor of more "practical" career pursuits—a photographer was born. As you can see in the galleries, I like strange stuff. Bizarre characters. Quirky models. Parties your mom would not want you to attend, let alone photograph. So I won't shoot your wedding. (Unless it's really weird.) And I won't make a nice, pretty portrait of your family or your dog for the mantelpiece. (But I might make a strange one).

I'm always interested in working with:

  • Models, would-be models, and agencies (in some cases I'll trade for portfolio).
Recent magazine coverRecent magazine cover
  • Magazines that cover events, especially if they involve music, art, performers, or weird lighting.
  • Nightclubs and venues. I can make your venue look like the coolest place on earth. Really.
  • Actor's headshots and other publicity portraits.
  • Private parties. Want your party to look this fun? Contact me.
  • Performers, dancers, bands — I love you and want to make you look edgy and interesting.

    And maybe other things. Try me!
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